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A Letter From the Editor: Welcome!

Welcome to the first issue of Substrates, an online Neuroscience magazine for the New York community.  New York City has a rich and robust neuroscience community– home to many leading scientists, august institutions and a sizable hive of bright, talented graduate students and postdocs.  So much, in fact, that it can be overwhelming, leaving people to retreat into their own pockets of the community.  In a city whose slogan should be ‘We’re Busy,’ it often feels easier to keep in touch with people that live in other states and countries than those who live and work a few subway stops away.   It’s that phenomenon of disconnection in density that has given rise to Substrates.  Our intent is to create an interesting online magazine to facilitate greater interaction in the NYC neuroscience community.  Our goal is to give our readers a break from the intensity of their own corners of neuroscience and provide a window onto the general neuroscience goings-on in NYC.  We expect our content and editorial tone to grow and evolve as the magazine becomes established, but our aim is ultimately a high quality neuroscience magazine targeting the NYC area.

Though the magazine is hosted and operated by graduate students in the Neuroscience Collaborative at the Graduate Center, CUNY, we invite participation across the neuroscience community.  If you are a student, postdoc or even faculty at another institution and want to get involved, get in touch. We would welcome your interest and help.  If you have an idea for an article you might want to contribute, get in touch.  As we grow, we hope to cultivate submitted contributions so that it becomes increasingly a forum for the broader NYC neuroscience community. Enjoy and let us know what you think.

-Jake Jordan, Editor



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